KSM Against Gay Conversion Therapy

KSM joins other organisations in accusing gay conversion therapy as being an obstacle in the formulation of one’s sexual orientation. This practice is demeaning to the individual’s rights and should be condemned all together.

KSM holds that one should not be forced into a life he or she does not feel comfortable in. Everyone is to live their life not afraid of whom they are as an individual’s attraction should be based on his own personal desires and should not be affected by third-party entities whatsoever.

The council also firmly believes that gay conversion therapy is an enemy of diversity and should be considered as a barrier to modern progressive society.

KSM urges all student councils and organisations to take a stand in favour of disapproving this so-called conversion therapy and in turn promote diversity as an important tool for a better society.

KSM in favour of tunnel between Malta and Gozo

Upon the recent formation of the ‘Front favur il-mina’ between Malta and Gozo, and the benefits in terms of accessibility and synergy this would bring to students constantly travelling to and from Malta and Gozo campuses, KSM reacts in a positive manner towards all ongoing developments.

Besides short term proposals to facilitate travel and overcome obstacles in this regard, for instance the introduction of a fast-ferry service, KSM finds it imperative for long-term solutions to be taken on board and the introduction of a tunnel between our two sister islands would be most effective.

Therefore, whilst understanding the concerns of the impact this would have upon the surrounding environment, KSM urges all relevant stakeholders to embark on thorough environment impact assessments and research to ensure this facilitation is carried out in the safest, harmless way possible.

KSM is in favour of the strengthening of Gozo’s investment potential and believes the introduction of this tunnel would be beneficial not only in terms of faster and easier transportation, but also in the attraction of more jobs and opportunities for both Gozitan and Maltese students.