Pulse Social Democratic Students of Malta was founded on 19th March 1997, with the purpose of being an active organisation representing students all over the islands. Commencing operations at the G.F. Abela Junior College and the University of Malta, Pulse started fielding candidates for the students’ council elections, with a successful result and a notable track-record.

In 2012, Pulse continued its mission to expand its representation, becoming the first-ever recognised student society in MCAST, and therefore increasing its reach to all College campuses in Malta and Gozo.


SDM was founded by a group of University students in 1974. SDM finds its origins as a student organisation in the troubled political period of the time. One of the main aims of the founders was that, during a period when freedom of expression was not always respected, the University students and those students in other Post-Secondary Institutions be given the opportunity to express their opinions, to have a voice, not only in political issues connected to the education system, but also in national politics.


The Institute of Applied Sciences Student Organisation (IASSO) was established in April 2014 and officially recognized at MCAST in October of the same year. The initial idea to set up a student organisation was proposed by a member of lecturing staff and the idea was taken on by a group students who were willing to put their ideas into action.

Works began on drafting the Statute and the Organisation’s Code of Ethics. Since then, the team members have been working hard to continue putting forward new ideas and working to reach the Organisation’s objectives. With the constant support from administration and lecturing staff, a proactive up-and-running IAS Students’ Organisation has been established.


ICTSA is the student organisation representing all the University of Malta and MCAST University students reading any degree associated with ICT. The good relationship that exists between Academics and ICTSA helps to bridge the gap between students and staff, and the association is usually the first point of contact for students who have issues they wish to raise.


MESO is a non-political, student organisation which aims to build a community of Engineering Students studying at MCAST.

The Organisation’s aim is to propagate the members’ affairs and to provide advancements in the community of current students and MCAST staff; and through MCAST, in the community of past students and the industry.


Gay-Straight Alliance MCAST is an aspiring new student body whose aim is promoting equality and diversity within the institutes of MCAST.


GUG (Gozo University Group) originated in the 1980s and was then officially recognised in 1987 as a student organisation by the Senate of the University of Malta. Since its foundation, GUG has expanded to become more useful and flexible. It became the sole voice for Gozitan youths, students on campus and on a national level, doing its best to work for their interest and safeguard their rights. The Group tries to cater for the particular problems and needs which students may encounter.