The Council

Kunsill Studenti MCAST’ in short KSM consists of 10 members, which are elected by the students. Each member has the role to represent a different institute from MCAST. The role of the student council is to promote the college interest and to enhance the involvement of the students in the affairs of the college the student council is to promote the interests of the college and to improve the involvement of students in the affairs of the college.

Our main aims are:

  • To represent the student requests and opinions to MCAST administration
  • To improve the communication and relationship between students, management and administration.
  • Organising activities
  • Together with administration we try to improve the environment at the college
  • To support the management and administration in the development of the college
  • To acknowledge and keep the students updated on the college’s general matters
  • To provide information and consultation to students and giving the opportunity to the student to give his/her input on matters regarding the student’s themselves.
  • Providing opportunities to the students as discussions, information and consultation about matters which concern the students